I Literally Owe Her My Life

This is my story…. I was born to a brave, strong willed woman who, through the pain of her separation from my father, decided to continue on with the pregnancy and lose him rather than to abort me.  With the choice she faced (keep her relationship and soon to be marriage, or keep her child), she defended my life without even knowing me. 

Fighting Back, For My Life

I was walking down my street late one night, listening to my iPod, when I was suddenly grabbed from behind.  A man held a box cutter blade to my throat and dragged me to a nearby dark lot. I didn’t fight back because I thought that he would slice my neck in a split second if I did. 

As a Teenager I Was A Victim ~

Today I am a Voice! 

This story begins with what was supposed to be an innocent family vacation.  But what happened on that trip would have a lasting impact on my life forever in so many ways.
 One summer, my parents, my brothers and I went to Europe to visit a number of family members who lived throughout the country.    

This Picture Didn’t Tell the Whole Story 

My mom said I should share my story and I agree. I had never done anything like this before and feel stupid that I did it.

My name is David and I am 14 and recently moved from my old neighborhood and school. I loved my old life, my school was cool, I was popular and I really missed my friends. 

Children Should be Protected,

Even From Relatives 

I’ve never really shared this story with anyone, so I am grateful for the opportunity to do so.  
Children should be protected…protected from all harms. I grew up in a fairly violent family, with yelling, hitting and very strong punishments. I found some solace in an Uncle only 7 years older than myself, but I thought many years wiser.

Their Own Words

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After The Years of Abuse

I pray that my story will be of help to someone. Over the past few days I have begun to recall abusive events in my life that I experienced with my first husband Michael. It amazes me even now that I married him and stayed with him for 4 years. Revisiting this time of my life is very painful and I have found myself struggling to remember events that I have suppressed for the last 34 years. It is as if my mind is trying to block the memories for survival’s sake.

Told to Keep My Mouth Shut in High School 

 I was 16, a straight-A student, an athlete and a cheerleader and I was dating the star varsity quarterback of my high school. His athletic talents made him the celebrity of our town and as a couple, our names were synonymous. His predecessor on our football team was equally regarded and had gone off to become a starting player at a coveted NCAA college -we’ll call him “Zack.” 

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My life was changed on a trip to the bakery…When I Was 9!

On May 10, 1999, I walked into my Auntie’s store in the village, just like I did every time I went upcountry to visit my Grandmother. My Uncle John who was her husband, was there helping out at the store, like he did every day because he had no job of his own. My mom worked in the city and so she took me to the village every holiday to spend time with my cousins.

Their Stories

“A Weekend Home Alone”

Repeating over and over in my mind … I thought to myself this didn’t happen. I willed to myself and prayed that “it” didn’t happen. If I didn’t say anything, then it would make it not real and at least make it seem like it didn’t happen. That’s what I told my scared and alone teenage self.