Pageant Voices for a Cause!

PAGEANT VOICES FOR A CAUSE” ®” is an internet women’s safety awareness program inspired by the Ms. World Pageant and it is directed towards all past and present pageant titleholders, contestants, staff and supporters from all systems. 

Since Pageants and Rhinestones are such a great match, if there was ever a campaign and a charity that was a perfect fit for pageants and beauty queens, it would be the “LISTEN FOR THE WHISTLE”™ Campaign and the NOWSA!

Let’s face it, Pageants and Rhinestones are like peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa and hot chocolate and marshmallows! When you think of one, you can’t help but to think of the other!

The NOWSA asks that they become


by doing the following: 

1.) Purchasing then displaying a Stylish Safety® DIVAS Crystal Whistle™;

2.)  Showing your support by Liking/Following the NOWSA on its social media pages


Instagram: ;

3.)  Helping to “Make Some Noise” about the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment against women by sharing the link to the NOWSA’s website ( and by using the hashtags #VoicesForACause#ImAPageantVoice and #TheNOWSA in social media posts;

4.)  Encouraging others to support the NOWSA by making a donation so that the NOWSA can continue to help keep women and teens safer through its personal safety and violence prevention initiatives;

5.)  Posting photos on social media while carrying, wearing or using the Stylish Safety® DIVAS Crystal Whistle™ or posting about any other women’s safety related issue and tagging the NOWSA.