Covers For A Cause’ Book Cover Campaign

This campaign combines youthful contemporary art with relevant safety tips, reminders, information and messages on visually appealing book covers. Its goal is fundamental:  to promote Teen Personal Safety Awareness through the distribution of visually appealing book covers.  Book covers are distributed to school districts via PTAs, PTSAs, etc. and other partners such as children’s book companies.

Book Covers are Customized so please email us for additional information!

How We Educate & Raise Awareness

Stylish Safety® Women’s Safety Awareness and Personal Protection Seminars” are dynamic, one-of-a-kind, multi-media presentations designed to teach women of all ages and from all walks of life, simple, practical and effective self defense tactics. The program focuses on prevention, risk reduction, avoidance and self-protection. Whether she's a “working girl”, stay-at-home mom, student, or sensational senior, all women will benefit tremendously from attending a “Stylish Safety® Women’s Safety Awareness and Personal Protection Seminars“.

‘Teen & College Voices’

Written By NOWSA’s Teen & College Ambassadors...It's Their Voice!

‘Virtual Voices For A Cause’:  

Online stories, chronicles and personal accounts from victims of sexual assault and other acts of violence.

Other things we do.....

* Appearances at Schools, Universities, Festivals, Media Outlets & Community Events to Discuss NOWSA's Safety Awareness & Violence Prevention Initiatives

* Distribution of Educational Materials during Appearances

* Meetings with elected officials, individuals, civic and corporate partners, schools, colleges, universities, public safety departments and government agencies to encourages them to help promote the message that sexual assault and other forms of violence and harassment against women and teens must not be tolerated.       

Listen For The Whistle™’ Campaign & ‘Stylish Safety’® Women’s Self Protection and Safety Awareness Seminars Offered By Everything Lidia, Inc.

New York Veteran Police Association
The NOWSA’s personal safety and violence prevention initiatives are critical for raising awareness about this important issue and advancing a world that is free from violence and harassment against women and teens in all its forms.    

What students are saying about

"Stylish Safety® Women's Safety Awareness and Personal Protection Seminars" and

Lidia Szczepanowski, Esq.

How We Raise Money so we can continue to raise awareness, educate, and help prevent

violence against women & teens in all its forms 

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I B SAFE’  Silicone Slap Bracelet Personal Safety Awareness Campaign 
Stylish Safety® DIVAS Crystal Whistle Sales TM

I B SAFE’  Silicone Slap Bracelet 

Personal Safety Awareness Campaign

This campaign is being implemented in middle and high schools and colleges throughout the United States. The trendy and stylish black or white silicone slap bracelet has the safety acronym “I B SAFE” imprinted directly on top of the bracelet which, among other things, stimulates discussions about personal safety. Each bracelet comes with an educational I B SAFE card which identifies and explains the acronym, “S.A.F.E.”

(i.e. S: STAY AWAY from Strangers; A: Be AWARE of your surroundings; F: FOLLOW your gut; E: EVALUATE your options.) 

($2.00 each - 5 Bracelets & Safety Cards per order)

‘Teen Personal Safety Awareness Week’  -  November 1-7 

At a press conference coordinated by Assemblyman Andrew Raia, Senator John Flanagan, Senator Carl Marcellino and Assemblyman Jim Conte together with Assemblyman Raia and the National Organization for Women Safety Awareness (NOWSA) announced the establishment of November 1-7 as "Teen Personal Safety Awareness Week" in the State of New York.  The announcement was made during a Press Conference and ceremony in Woodbury, New York where Board Members from the NOWSA were presented with the Legislative Resolution and announced upcoming initiatives to encourage public schools throughout NYS to embrace and educate teens regarding the importance of personal safety.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice, teens and young adults experience the highest rates of violent crime.  In 2006, 42.3% of personal crimes of violence involving strangers involved children between the ages of 12 and 15, and 43.4% of young adults.  (quote from NY Assemblyman Andy Raia)

Teen Personal Safety Awareness Week” is an annual campaign that promotes teen safety awareness and raises awareness about the crimes that are committed against teens which tragically can lead to injury or even death. The campaign also educates teens on how to prevent and avoid crimes.   Each year this community education campaign will be directed at educating teens in Middle and High Schools in New York State about the importance of personal safety. 

As part of this ongoing campaign, NOWSA officially announced the launching of their "Covers For A Cause" safety awareness campaign for middle and high school students which combines youthful contemporary art with relevant safety tips, reminders, information and messages on visually appealing book covers. “‘Teen Personal Safety Awareness Week’  will help Middle and High school students live safer lives and will, over time, help decrease incidents of violence against women of all ages.   We strongly believe that ‘education leads to prevention,’” explains Lidia Szczepanowski-Goldsmith, NOWSA’s Founder & Executive Director.

The NOWSA was recently recognized with a proclamation presented by the New York State Assembly in Albany this summer.  The organization was honored for its inspired work to reduce the incidents of violence against women by providing more information, awareness and knowledge about women’s safety issues.

NOWSA is dedicated to providing the fundamental information needed to increase knowledge and awareness that women and teens have regarding their safety, and creating an influential network of elected officials, state agencies, schools and Universities, civic and corporate partners that will sponsor and support NOWSA’s efforts to empower women of all ages and walks of life to better protect themselves from violence.  

THE Original Stylish Safety ® DIVAS Crystal Whistle.

The Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle™ is a designer brass whistle beautifully bejeweled with genuine European crystal rhinestones attached to a black faux suede adjustable cord.

Worn in a prominent and accessible place on your handbag, wrist, key chain or around your neck, the Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle™ is both fashionable and functional and it is an audible and visual crime deterrent. The Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle™ is also the symbol of the “Listen for the Whistle” women’s safety awareness campaign. Tweens, teens, and women of all ages from all walks of life are urged to “CARRY” the whistle, “USE” the whistle when necessary, and “LISTEN FOR THE WHISTLE,” as the sound of a whistle means that help may be needed!

A “must have, cutting edge and ultra chic” accessory for women, display it proudly and let the world know that you are aware of your personal safety and you support the “Listen for the Whistle” Campaign. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle™ is donated to The National Organization for Women’s Safety Awareness, Inc.